Being the intermediate or expert woodworking professional you are, you might have got one of the popular wood routers in town. And, in order to make things even awesome, you may have also got best router tables for enhanced precision. In spite of all these, not many people understand that a wood router is such a versatile machine.

There is a lot of things you can make using a wood router, and there are some cooler things too. If you have all these things, you should experiment with those ideas as well. In this article, we will talk about a few cool things to make with a wood router. Obviously, you can and you should customize the designs as your creative faculty allows you to.


#1 Sofa Cup Holder

If you have a sofa at your home, you know how hard it is to keep a cup on it and prevent spilling. This is the major reason you may want to build a sofa cup holder and that’s incredibly easy when you have a router. It should be noted that the basic design of the product requires you to combine three pieces of wood, but we cannot ignore the possibility of customization. You can add more designs to the cup holder anytime you like.

#2 Wooden Frame for Mirror

It’s very likely that you may have simply placed the mirror somewhere. When you have a wood router, you also have the ability to create a wonderful wooden frame for the mirror. The best part about this project is that it does not take much time for the whole setup. Once created, you can attach the mirror to the frame and start using it in a jiffy. As always, you can add some extra columns and boxes on the sides if you want.

#3 Cupboards

Although it seems otherwise, cupboards are easy to make when you have a wood router machine. You just need to have a clear idea about the design and outlook of the cupboard though. Once the measurements do have their place in your hand, you can start the work. While the images on the internet can give you a clearer idea about the looks, you may have to use your creativity when designing the necessary accessories for it.

#4 Benches

If you have some large pieces of stock available at your space, you can consider building some benches with the wood router. Just like the case of many other woodworking projects, you have to follow a modular way of building here. The idea is to conceive the overall idea first and then move onto construction. This way, in the end, you won’t have trouble in bringing all these things together.

#5 Coin Boxes

If you want to teach your children the basic concept of savings, you can gift them a coin box. It’s even better if you can gift them a coinbox that you just made. When you have a router and router table, designing and constructing such a coinbox is a matter of a few minutes. It’s up to you to decide the amount of complexity-design you want on the sides and top though.

#6 Corner Stands

It does not matter where you want to use, corner stands are quite handy in every home. You can set them up in bathrooms, kitchens and almost everywhere. With the right wood router, you can design one of those best corner stands in a minimal amount of time. The router would be a great help if you want to achieve that perfectly circular shape for the outer portion.

As we always say, woodworking is an art for those who experiment. Do let us know if you have some other projects worth recommending.


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