Like wood routers, drilling machines are quite versatile when it comes to performance. Likewise, the unsafe use of drilling machines can invite enough problems as well. Talking with professionals in woodworking and electrical wiring industries would expose you to those long stories where drilling machines have cost people their lives. So, as it happens, even you have decades of experience with power drills, it makes sense to follow the basic and advanced safety precautions. In this article, we will be talking about some of the important yet basic safety precautions you should follow while using a power drill. Shall we?


#1 Get a Pair of Safety Goggles

It does not matter where you are drilling, there is a big chance of debris on the way. Even if you don’t have particular allergies, it’s not ideal to let the dust and particles get into your body — particularly to your eyes. Things can instantly get worse if you are drilling on something that produces sharp debris. In consideration of all these, the first thing you should get is a pair of goggles. These will help you focus on drilling instead of worrying about the debris hurting yourself. Once again, even experts should do this.

#2 Protecting Clothing and Gloves

Eyes are not the only important thing you have in your body, isn’t that right? Power drills are often powerful enough to generate heat and vibrations at the best levels. This would have an impact on the precision levels as well as long-term health. Considering this, you should have some protecting clothes and a pair of gloves. While the gloves would make it easier to handle the drill even at the toughest conditions. At the same time, a good pair of protecting clothing would make sure that you can stand firm and do the drilling.

#3 Be Cautious While Changing Drill Bits

Do you know that a lot of accidents happen when people are changing the drill-bits? Therefore, you have to take a few precautions to prevent them. It’s best if you can go through the specific handbook you got with your drill machine, but this is the basic point: make sure you turn off the drill before attempting to change the drill bit. If you can, for extra safety, you can pull out the plug as well. The idea here is to make sure that the drill does not turn on amidst the bit-changing process.

#4 Understand Your Drill Mechanics

During old times, you had a single type of power drill available in the market, but the story is a bit different today. Before you start working, it’s important to understand the basic and advanced mechanics of the drill you have. As we said earlier, every drilling machine now comes with one security feature or other. If you’ve got the device from a reputed brand, there may even be some proprietary features in the box. Ensure that you understand and make use of these features to avoid accidents.

#5 Keep Things at Distance

Despite all the safety features inside, make sure that you keep the power drill at distance when it has been powered on. Most importantly, you should keep other electrical devices someplace away. This will prevent further issues from happening. Also, make sure that you put a checkbox for the basic items. For instance, do not let your kids meddle with the power drill. Even the slightest mistake can cost their life. You don’t want to become one of those horror stories.

Make sure you follow these simple yet valuable tips whenever you are using a drilling machine. One of the most important things here is that they are applicable for all the machines you may come across.


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