It does not matter if you have been wood-working for a long period of time or just got into it. Purchasing an impressive router table is one of the best decision you can make. There are people who use routers without a table, but that can be a pain in the ass in some time.

As it turns out, having a router table can give you an awesome boost when it comes to precision, productivity and control. In addition, you can do more things with a router table when compared to the no-router-table scenario.

In this article, we are talking about just a few projects you can easily complete if you have a router table.

#1 Cup Holder for Sofa

If you have a sofa or chair at home, you have had this instance where you spill coffee or water on it. You can fix this issue by attaching a cup holder to the sofa handle, so that there is a specific space to put the cup. The cup-holder is normally tough to make but can be done in a jiffy if you have a router table with you. The only notable point here is that you should have an idea about the size of the chair and the shape of the cup holder you want to build. Because a router table allows you to cut at versatile angles, there won’t be any trouble in crafting the smoothest accessory.

#2 Minimal Boxes

If minimalism is your thing, there is a lot of things you can build using a router table. Minimal storage boxes are one of these things for sure. Just so you know, these boxes can be used for a variety of purposes and the time required for building is very low as well. In addition, it won’t be trouble for you to make sure that the box is too smooth, since you have a precision-controlled router at your disposal. Personally speaking, I make these boxes more often than not. These little things work well as gifts and even as your accomplice when it comes to storing some woodworking material.

#3 Shelf Displays

If you ask regular woodworkers, they would tell you how hard it is to build an impressive shelf displays. That is not just about the total time requirement but also about the type of designs that come through. When it comes to the router-table scenario, however, it’s very easy to make those cuts. While a standard display will be done in some, even the designer-based ones would not take much time. From cutting the stock pieces to implementing the designs you have in mind, the whole process would not take more than a few minutes — which is so great for any wood-working project.

#4 Wine Bottle Holders

If you have a lot of things that you leave around in your house, generally, a router table would be beneficial in many ways. Another example of what you can do using a router table comes in the form of a wine bottle holder, which would have multiple impacts. First of all, you don’t have to put your wine bottles and make it trip all the while. Second of all, you are adding a piece of equipment that looks good on the shelf. Third but not the least, you are crafting some eye-catchy designs without actually spending too much time on any of the equipment.

So, along with providing a few products you can design, we wanted to show how versatile the router table can be in action. As you can see, it’s capable of finishing almost every type of design — starting from a simple wooden box to a rather classy wine bottle holder.


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