If you are someone who is passionate about woodworking and design, you have definitely heard about wood routers. These seemingly simple devices can transform themselves into multipurpose assistants when you’ve got a piece of wood in your hand. However, don’t think that anyone can jump in and start designing the best wood-work ever. Instead, you should be the well-versed with the basics of a wood router if you are looking for the best results. In this article, we have compiled some of the most effective wood router tips for amateur and intermediate woodworking professionals out there. Shall we check them out?


#1 Understand the Basic Working

It’s very important to know the basic idea of how a wood router works. Let’s sum it up like this: it’s a high-speed rotary tool that is used for a variety of woodworking purposes. The device comes with a collet that is connected to the variety of router-bits available in the market. Each of these bits is supposed to fulfill specific needs. For instance, you may need separate routers for creating bigger and smaller designs. Now, the overall performance of the wood router is also subject to the brand and the amount you can pay. You should get a standard router while getting started though.

#2 Knowing and Choosing Router Bits

Now, we come to router bits, which play another role in the woodworking projects. There is a huge number of wood router bits available in the market and you need to pick the best ones — we are not just talking of the quality here. The router bit must be suitable for your needs. It’s practically impossible to know about all the bits in the market, but you can start with the top ten. So, for every purpose, you would have at least one router bit. If you don’t mind investing, however, we would suggest getting a high-end router bit that would return the investment in the long run.

#3 Getting a Router Table

This is perhaps the most important tip you should follow. There is no rule that you cannot use a wood router without a router table. However, when you are working on wood, precision is of most important. Each touch you make on the stock piece will have an impact on the final design. Also, it’s incredibly tough to move the stock piece with one hand when you have to hold the wood router with the other. Considering all these, the best option is to get a router table that would save a lot of time and improve your productivity. These tables will have a specific housing for the router and you can then focus on the wood-working.

#4 Installing Router Bits

Now that you have got the best router, an impressive router table and the router bits to get started, you’ve to install the router bits to proceed. This is a step where you should be as careful as possible. You may have chosen a router tip with a variety of shank size, but this would not count when it comes to the end. So, you have to install the router bit in a way that the rendering is smooth. This would help you in two ways: first, it would make the routing process easier. Second, it would practically reduce the chances of damages.

While these tips can help you become a standard woodworking professional, we believe they are not enough in the long run. Of course, experience is something you gain after shedding hundreds of stock pieces, but it is always helpful that you have one of the best wood routers and accessories to help you enhance the process.


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